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10 Non Crappy Tips To Increase Facebook Fan Page Likes

It seems that everyone is excited to increase number of likes on Facebook fan pages. Oh yes, I guess this is the best reason which has attracted you to this article. So, as I mentioned in the title ‘10 Non Crappy Tips To Increase Facebook Fan Page Likes’; let me explain everything about Facebook pages to you from very basics.
What does a Facebook Page do for you?
Facebook pages may be of different kinds or categories. It may be related to your blog, website, any celebrity, and brand or for fun. Talking about the bloggers, you definitely need a Facebook fan page for your blog. If you do not own it, then you should create it right now.
Nowadays, Facebook is best social media site for generating traffic to your blog. And your Facebook fan page helps you in getting this traffic too much. There are millions of pages on Facebook with thousands or more number of likes and many are having less than 100 likes also. As higher the number of likes, more will be the traffic to your blog. Hence, a Facebook page works as your or your blog’s identity, which helps you in interacting with your readers.

How Can You Increase Your Facebook Page Likes?

This is a very interesting question, which arises in the mind of every new page creator or blogger. In this guide I am going to share some cool tricks to increase no. of likes on your Facebook fan page:
Increase Facebook Page Likes
1. Creating a Page and updating info: The first task to perform is to create a Facebook page and update its basic information. Basic information requires short description, profile picture, cover picture and other details you want to provide to your viewers. Profile picture and cover picture should be related to your fan page. It may be logo of your blog or something else which you wish to show to the users.
2. Inviting your friends: After creating and updating info of the page, you have to invite your friends to get some quick likes for free. This can be done through your page settings. You can also ask your friends for hitting the like button. This is the basic step, which will give you few no. of likes initially.
3. Sharing your page: Sharing your page in different groups is important. People of same interest will like your fan page to be updated with your posts. You can ask your friends to share it on their wall. Even you can get more FB likes to your blog posts by sharing them in groups.
4. Sharing on bigger pages: This is an excellent trick which will work for you very efficiently. In this method you need to contact the admins of bigger pages and ask them for sharing your fan page. For this you need to build good relationships first among the bloggers. If you are having good relationships, then you will definitely get your page being shared on other pages’ wall. This works great as the audience associated with that page believes on that particular page and hence, will love your page too.
5. Updating your page regularly: Updating your page regularly is very necessary. Initially, you need to post status and different articles or their links on a regular interval. This will make your page more engaging. More engagement will definitely help you in increasing the number of likes.

6. Quiz Organization: Quiz organizing makes your readers interested in your page. They love your updates, answer your questions to check their knowledge or improve it. You can also put some giveaways for the winners.
7. Say bye to spamming: You need to avoid spamming on your page. It’s your readers’ trust and you have to provide the information, for which your page is created and liked by others. Post only useful links with proper description and images.
8. Images are genius: What I said? Images!!! Yes, instead of putting direct links, putting some good looking images forward help you in getting more traffic on your post as well as your blog. When someone will like your image, the information will be sent to other friends of that user also via news feed or ticker. And that may help you in more likes. 
9. Facebook Page Popup Box: Put a popup box on your blog for the visitors to like your Facebook page. This directly gives you more likes as people will be able to see that you have a fan page and further they can see your updates on Facebook. It increases the rate of like by more than 50%.
10. Giveaways on your blog: This is a magic trick. In this trick, you organize a giveaway on your blog and ask people to like your fan page to win an entry. If you are giving something good in this giveaway, more will be the traffic and the visitors to your blog; and hence more will be the no. of likes.

Over To You!

These methods are pure white hat methods and you can see these methods giving you better results in a very short period of time. Follow this guide and you can ask your queries and suggest your methods to increase the number of targeted likes on your Fan page. I used the word targeted here, as I have not mentioned black hat methods, which will give you number of likes, but not good readers. So, follow white hat tricks and achieve success which works forever. :D


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