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Get Naughty Smile With Immense Blog Traffic

This is the commonest thing I do hear co-bloggers complaining about, finding ways to boost their blog traffic either by following the normal procedure like targeting certain keywords, using catchy blog title, optimizing the image for search engine using image alt tag, blog comment, guest blogging and all the like.
All these aforementioned point are what many blogger does to generate quality traffic to their blog but many discovered it doesn’t work for them while it works for most bloggers and to others, it brings to their blog quality backlink, however you have done all these and nothing work for you try these awesome tips to get naughty smile on your face with immense traffic to your blog.

Increase Blog Traffic
Get A Naughty Smile On Your Face With Boost in Traffic :D

3 Ways To Build Your Blog Traffic

1# Give a free report:
Your blogging niche doesn’t matter, either specific or general  blogging niche as long as it is what people demands to learn and know about, then the tendency of generate quality traffic is very high.
This is not to stress yourself or give yourself a headache or a hectic hour about writing pages as if it a textbook, you can just write maximum number of 10 pages, convert it to PDF and give it out as a report or using online tools to reveal to people that the same method can be used to brand their product and have their name boldly typed at the back with you blog link and relevant blog post in the report for more information.

2# Build credibility using forum:
This is one of the best way to generate blog traffic. I remember in a comment on a month anniversary of my blog, a commenter encouraged me to venture into forum participation (a pro-blogger) for that matter, meaning forum count a lot in blog traffic and to get exposed to your audience using forum signature and work with forum as an expert by contributing immensely to bringing more ideas either to existing topic or your now created topic.
Join existing conversation, reply to conversation, subscribe to reasonable topic, and create your own topic for people to learn from you and with your profile having your signature, you will be able to drive more traffic to your blog as long as there is a signature beneath your name and you give a reasonable information or ideas in your topic. 
3# Offline marketing is necessary:
Don’t let this escape your mind that online marketing is one way to the extreme, by advertising your blog, joining blogging group, blogger forum, seo forum, and all the like; there is no limitation to the number of traffic source you can venture into as long as it’s not against Google Adsense TOS so that search engine will not dis-indexed your blog and, making some offline tactics to build traffic is really encouraged in building traffic.
I once published on how you can make use of your friend as a source of your blog traffic, and this really work. Spend some cent in printing handbill about your blog offers, what your blog is all about and share it amongst your friends or colleague and chances are that; that getting direct traffic to your blog is very high. Make your handbill graphics more professional and look catchy, definitely this will drive more traffic if properly done and in a polite way.


High traffic = high income; building quality blog traffic for a start can be tough at times but when the properly steps are followed definitely the traffic will keep coming over the time and this is what I referred to as a last long blog traffic.


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