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Google Penguin 2.0 Update Recovery Trick for Bloggers

After Penguin 2.0 update, bloggers, whose blog got hit, are worrying to recover their blog from the penalty. They are definitely looking for all the working methods on search engines to get their blog recovered. What they are doing is really obvious because they lose their targeted traffic and ranking in search results. In my earlier post I tried my best to share some Google Penguin 2.0 Update Recovery Tips and I got awesome responses from my readers and other bloggers too. That’s why today I bring a Trick that will increase the chances to get their blog recover from penguin penalty. So, let see what the trick is.

Google Penguin 2.0 Update Recovery Strategy

Before I reveal this trick, let me tell you one thing. If you apply this trick on your blog, then you must keep your blog closed for search engines until all of your blog pages not get deindex from Google. It can take few days, weeks or even a month. So, now this is up to you either you should use this trick or not. Now let’s begin the tricky part.

Google Penguin Recovery SEO Process

  1. Do some settings in your blog to protect it from indexing in Google.
    Follow this tutorial: Prevent Blogger Blog From Being Indexed in Search Engines
  2. Now wait until all of your blog posts not get deindex from Google.
  3. In this time of period, don’t sit relax. You have to do lot of work in this waiting period. You need to optimize your links, already published posts etc. Do everything which I told do to in my previous post.
    Read it here: Google Penguin Recovery SEO.
  4. When you finished doing all the updates, simply undo the settings which you did in step #1.
  5. Now all of your blog posts will start get index by search engines and your blog will surely get recover from penguin penalty.
  6. That’s it :)

How Does This Trick Works?

This is really a genuine question that how this trick can help us to get our blog recovered from penguin update penalty? Let me tell you what exactly we do. When we restart indexing our blog after updating all of our blog posts and backlinks, search engines considered it as a newly launched blog. And now you tell me how can a newly launched blog get hit by penguin? Lol! :P
Final Words!
So, this was the little but effective trick to recover blog from penguin effect. If you are one of them whose blog got hit, then I recommend you to use this strategy. Hopefully you will get positive results. If you like this post, then please do me a favour by sharing this trick with others. Thanks and wish you all the best for your penguin recovery process. In my next post, I’ll share some best post penguin SEO tips that will help you do to better SEO of your blog. So, keep your eyes glued on my blog and subscribe it to get updates. Take care!


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