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Social Bookmarking Tips For Better SEO

Yesterday I shared a tutorial on How to do Social Bookmarking For SEO and today I will continue that topic in detail with some tips which we should keep in mind during social bookmarking to prevent our blog or website from spamming.
When I was first come to know about social bookmarking, many questions arise in my mind and then I tried my best to get the answers of all those questions.
In this post I’ll share those questions having their answers with you so that you can learn everything in detail and do better SEO for your blog.
I must recommend you to read my previous article if you have not read it yet. It will help you to know about social bookmarking in detail. Now let see how to do social bookmarking effectively for better SEO.

Social Bookmarking Tips and Suggestions

Below are some tips and suggestions in the question answer form. Read all of them carefully to know about the points which we should keep in mind during social bookmarking.
  1. Which sites should we use for Bookmarking?

  2. In my previous post, I shared a website which has a huge list of social bookmarking sites. But you should not target each of them.
    There are many sites in that list which gives you a nofollow backlink which have not so important for SEO.
    So, use only dofollow social bookmarking sites so that you can build quality dofollow backlinks for your blog. It will help your blog to achieve better position in search results.
  3. How Much Bookmarking should we do on a Same Site?

  4. The answer of this question is depends on the page rank of the bookmarking site.
    Quality websites with high page rank are in limit so you can bookmark your all links like homepage and internal pages in them.
    But there is no limit of the sites which have low page rank. So, for better performance always keep in mind to submit only a single link either homepage or internal page.
  5. Limit of Social Bookmarking in a day?

  6. Excess of Everything is bed. SEO is a process of smart work with logic.
    Social Bookmarking gives you backlinks but if you do limitless SB on a single day then it will considered as spam in the eyes of Google. Hence you will waste all of your hard work.
    Always do SB in limit like 25-40 per day. Don’t cross the limit if you want better results. If you do SB in proper manner then your blog traffic will increase day by day.
  7. Can we Use Same Description in Each Bookmarking for Single Keyword?

  8. Absolutely not! This is highly recommended not use same description in each of your bookmarks. You can do as many SB as you want for a single keyword but it should be of quality.
    If you put same description in each of your submissions then it will only look like spamming. You will never be able to get results from your bookmarks. So always change little bit in your description with each new bookmarking.
    Note:: Your title, description and tags must be different from each of them. Don’t include your blog title in tags or description. You must need to be original at every step to build up your blog to increase its traffic and page views.

Final Words!

These were the social bookmarking tips which will help you to better use SB for SEO. I tried my best to make this post as informative as possible.
If still you have any doubt then you can ask me here by leave a comment below this post. If you don’t want to take any SEO risk then you can hire me to do professional SEO for your blog.


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