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Top 10 Directory Submission Tips For SEO

In my previous tutorial, I shared step by step guide on How to do Directory Submission in SEO. If you have not read it yet, then I recommend you to read it first because today’s post will continue that topic. Without knowing the previous information, you will not be able to understand what I’m going to share today in this post. Most of you will definitely know about directory submission and its benefits in SEO but there are some tips and suggestions that you must keep in your mind during doing directory submission for your website or blog. Tips which I am going to share below are very important. They will help you to use directory submission sites effectively and you will be able to take proper benefits from them for your blog Search Engine Optimization. So, without taking your any more time, let’s discuss those tips.

Directory Submission Tips for SEO

Below I am going to mention all of my tips and suggestions so that you can learn about directory submission more efficiently.
Make sure, before you start doing directory submission for your blog or website, first make a proper database of Directory Submission sites list. Pick and use those sites from your database one by one. It will help you to remember which site you have already used to do submission and from where you have to start now.
You have no need to register for an account to submit your link. You can directly submit your links without any sign up. Why waste your precious time to create account on multiple directory submission sites. Just go to the directories and start submitting the link.
When you are ready to do directory submission, make sure you first select the most appropriate category and then click on Submit Link button. Most of newbie bloggers directly click on Submit Link without choosing the category. You can select the category later also but it will be difficult to choose most appropriate category from the list of all the categories.
To take proper benefit of your hard work, you need to submit your site’s link in proper category. Don’t submit your link in any irrelevant category. If there is no appropriate category in that directory submission site, then try to pick as relevant category as possible and submit your link in that category.
After selecting the most appropriate category, you need to click on Submit link. But before clicking the Submit link, first copy the URL of that category from your browser’s address bar and keep that URL in any text editor. You can use MS-Excel and prepare a proper report of that URLs so that you can easily find your link after approval.
During filling the form to submit your link, always keep in your mind that you must fill as unique information as possible. By unique information, I mean to say that don’t fill same data (especially description) in all the directory submissions. Each submission should be unique and original.
All directory submission sites provide three options for submitting the link, Featured links, Regular links and Regular links with reciprocal. Always select regular links because selecting featured links will charge you some cost. Why pay if we can submit our link for free. And if you select regular links with reciprocal, then you need to put link of that directory on your blog. And nobody will like to build blog a link farm.
Once you submit your link in directory submission sites, make sure you check your email account for confirmation link. Usually it takes few days to receive confirmation link. You need to check your emails daily. Once you receive the email, click on confirmation link to confirm your email address. You submission will not approve if you fail to confirm your email address.
You need to make a plan with your keywords after doing a keyword research. Select your keywords and then do at most 10 directory submissions for single keyword. Never exclude this limit for same day. You can do more submissions next day. Always try to change your keywords day by day. Never target same keyword whenever you use web directories for link building.
If you are targeting different pages with different keywords, then don’t submit every links in same directory. Only submit one link per directory. It will give your blog more exposure and popularity in search results and your blog will always be protected from every SEO penalties.


These were the top 10 tips for directory submission for SEO. In short I just want to say that always submit your links with different description in each directory and try to target those web directories which have good Page rank and better Alexa ranking. Only those directories can provide quality backlinks for your blog. I hope you guys will find these tips helpful. Please leave your valuable feedback below this post through comments and let me know your own thinking about directory submissions in SEO.


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