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Use Social Media Sites for Higher Ranks in Google

So, SEO has been changed since a long time. Google has been implementing changes in their search engine algorithm and now because of those changes, the SEO strategy has actually changed. The search engines now expect to see some social media activities of your website in the social media sites as well – which means social participation of your business. Google actually makes the things clear – the more your social participation is seen, the more your website would be seen on their search results.

Social Media For Ranking
Social Media Sites Improves Ranking

The recent updates including the one in the Penguin world has brought such changes in the search engine policy. You are going to be ranked favorably provided that you are the authority of your business. They observe your interaction with your customers and it can be easily done over the social network; probably that’s the reason behind measuring this change in the searching policy. If you can manage to do the socialization in the right way, you will get higher ranking. Now, how do you do that? It’s easy if you know exactly where to click. You have to know what your consumers actually want from your business. Share lucrative posts on social media about it – be it a service, or product. If you can make them interested – they will share without you telling them to do so. The more shared, reposted, re-tweeted that post gets; the more exposure and rank you earn in Google.
And where are you supposed to do that? In the social media, the ones that get the most hits and here are six of them.

1# LinkedIn

No matter what social network you use for socializing, the most priority should be given on completing your profile first. When you fully complete your LinkedIn professional page and your personal page with profile picture and all the details, you get the advantages of being in touch with the professional people in your workspace orbit. Also, Google prefers results from LinkedIn.

2# YouTube

Google’s own this media sharing site and is a great tool for promoting your business for almost free. You can put video promotional about your product or service and get the attention of your consumers. Videos up to 10 minutes are completely free so it won’t cost a single penny for many businesses. And if done properly, video marketing makes your business more attractive to the consumers.

3# Facebook

There is forever running debates on the cyberspace about how Facebook will or will not lose interest to its users in the future. As we can’t see the unforeseen future so we don’t have any comments on that but Facebook clearly is the most popular social network these days. Proper use of this tool will surely get you the most consumers worldwide.

4# Twitter

It has become ‘embedded’ in many souls all around the world. Twitter has clearly showed how a 140 lines tweet can severely impact people’s lives. I don’t there’s much to say – just use this tool properly.

5# Pinterest

As people can pin and re-pin their interests to this social network, make sure your posts get enough pin to make the other consumers interested. That’s how you engage your potential customers.
So now given that the social networks to higher your ranking, get to work. The more you make the correct use, the more you earn higher ranking in Google and don’t forget to check previous post on this blog written by Varun to know how social media sites plays best role to increase referral traffic to blog.


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