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25 Best New Free Blogger Templates Released In 2013

We are into November and this year we have seen some amazing Free Blogger Templates released.More template designers are taking advantage of the latest coding techniques to create templates that would have been impossible a few years ago.In this post I will list the best 25 templates from this year.

In th list we tried to have a varity of template styles to suit all needs.Click the title of each template to go to the demo and download options.You can also check out the best free blogger templates from 2012.

25 Best Free Blogger Templates List

Montric Gallery Blogger Template

Montric is one of the best templates in the list with an amazing responsive design.The header detaches and floats on scroll while a full screen wide image slider displays your pictures.Curves are a real feature with rounded images and header logo.

Montric Gallery Blogger Template

X5 Advanced Blogger Template

X5 is a responsive template with a modern magazine style.X5 has a great slideshow and compact read more with thumbnails plus much more.

X5 Advanced Blogger Template

DoMag Bright Free Blogger Template

This is a three column blogger template with two right sidebars.The design is in a news magazine style optimized for SEO, Ads Reads and multiple content displays.A bright color scheme with a neat small image slider and auto read more.

DoMag Bright Blogger Template

True Pixel Blogger Template

True Pixel is a bright colored template packed with features.A left sidebar with tabbed section along with a sleek slider are among these.

True Pixel Bright Blogger Template

Sound Stage Musician Template

Sound stage is the perfect template for musicians and bands.The template has special sections for band information and music samples from SoundCloud.

Sound Stage Special Band Musician Template

Focused Blogger Template

Focused has a fresh simple look yet the design is fully responsive.Two columns with a left sidebar the header and menu has a float effect and the posts have a fixed read more with round thumbnail.

Focused - Responsive Blogger Template

Landis Under Construction Template

A special landing page template for when your blog is under construction.The template includes a countdown clock until your blog is launched and sharing options.

Landis : Under Construction Template

X9 Function Blogger Template

X9 is a template that will work great for you portfolio or design blog.The template has a dark colored design with a two column layout.

X9 Function Portfolio Blogger Template

Pixel Gallery Blogger Template

This is a gallery style template great for photography and design blogs.The posts are displayed by the main thumbnail with an overlay for post titles.

Pixel Gallery Blogger Template

Abstract Black Blogger Template

Abstract Black is a beautiful magazine template with social icons, image slider and footer columns among the features.

Abstract Black Blogger Template

Mommy Blog Blogger Template

A special template for mommy blogs with a fantastic design.The template has a great header image and uses the two column right sidebar layout.

Mommy Blog Blogger Template

Siren Blogger Template

Siren is another gallery template for all you Photographers and Designers.A split header for ads and image thumbnail only read more are among the features.

Siren Gallery Magazine Blogger Template

Metro Portfolio Blogger Template

Metro has a modern dynamic design and can be use as a portfolio or a regular blog.The post has a drop down menu in the headers and special gadget section above the posts.

Metro : Portfolio Blogger Template

Kent Free Blogger Template

Kent is a magazine template with a two column right sidebar layout.A bright orange color throughout really makes it grab attention.The template uses the magazine style read more with post thumbnail.

Kent Free Blogger Template

Fizz Blogger Template

The Fizz template has a focus on being responsive so looking as good on your mobile device as your laptop.The header is fitted with sliding images while the layout is two column with a right sidebar.

Fizz Blogger Theme

Boldy Blogger Template

Boldy is a premium like template but is totally free.A huge image slider sits below a header that's fitted with search and social icons.There is a welcome message section above the posts that use a fixed read more.

Boldy Free Premium Blogger Template

Turn Blogger Template

Turn is a fresh style of gallery template.A slider with small thumbnails really grabs attention to display your images.The color scheme is dark using mainly black.

Turn Gallery Blogger Template

Simple Corp Blogger Template

Simple Corp has a real modern minimalist design while still being practical.The header has a social icon menu and a drop down menu for your links.Posts have a special date and details display on the home page while there is a welcome section for your images.

Simple Corp : Responsive Blogger Template

Black Form Blogger Template

This is another template that uses the basic magazine design but with a really slick header image.The features include a slider, fixed read more jump break and footer columns.

Black Form : Slick Blogger Template

Photography Gallery Free Blogger Template

Some great coding goes into the making of this template using jQuery to give posts on the home page their special display on hover.The header is built into the left sidebar while other gadgets sit below the posts.

Photography Gallery - Free Blogger Template

DCM Dark - Dynamic Gallery Template

his is a grid design template in many ways similar to the default Dynamic Views templates.The posts are displayed in grids of five and more auto load on scroll.

DCM Dark - Dynamic Gallery Template

Sentify Blogger Template

Sentify is a professional theme that will work well on all blogs.Social icons, slider and tabbed sidebar are among the features.

Sentify : Modern Blogger Template

Boutique Online Shop Blogger Template

A specialist template designed to be used as an online store.You can sell your products with the built in shopping cart.

Boutique : Online Shop Blogger Template

Plazify News Magazine Template

This is a three column news site style blogger template.With a three column layout the two right sidebars can be used for extra gadgets and to show more content.A featured posts slider can display your featured news and there is a drop down menu for your categories.

Plazify : News Magazine Blogger Template

Chalkboard Free Blogger Template

This is a simple template in the design of a chalkboard with the title fonts similar to chalk.A great template perhaps for educational blog or school related blog.
Chalkboard Free Blogger Template


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