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7 Smart Tips To Drive Traffic From Pinterest To Your Blog

There’s hardly anyone left in the world of blogging who is not aware of Pinterest. However, what some people do not know is the fact that Pinterest is not only meant for pinning your products, rather it also helps in driving more traffic toward your blog / website. Over time, Pinterest is seen to be driving in more traffic as compared to all the other prominent social networking websites. Looking at the severity of its importance, we are bringing to you few effective ways of driving traffic towards your blog via Pinterest.

How To Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Blog?

drive traffic from pinterest
1# Emphasis on trending and lifestyle topics
Who does not like to read hot and trending articles? It is a known fact that people always prefer to spend their time on the latest happening and events. This will surely get you a lot of followers along with a long array of repins, likes and comments. Movies, social affairs or anything latest will do the best for you.
We are part of an ever growing society and people need to be kept familiar with their surroundings. Make your blog a mixture of everyday tips, household products, images, videos and you are done. The number of clicks that you will receive through these simple yet useful posts will be surely amazing.
2# Go for a personalised blog board
Do not let your blog put your readers in hocus- pocus. Always make it a point to arrange your blog in a systematic manner. This will definitely make it easier for your followers to find your latest pins and will save their time as well.
Also, remember to add good keywords in the title of your posts. This way they will find high page ranking in all the major search engines. Isn’t it great to have a well managed blog as well as a good ranking all in a single go?
3# Combine text with images
No one likes to read a long and boring post. Make your posts interesting by including as many catchy pictures as possible. Or to make it more appealing, you can also add text onto the pictures. Images catch people’s attention and it compels them to click on the link to know more about your pin. For this purpose, use large and attractive fonts on your image while pinning them on Pinterest. This is due to the reason that a lot of people access Pinterest through their mobile phones and small font will not be visible to them.

4# Show the magic of URL description
While pinning images or posts on Pinterest, always add the URL of your blog in the description. In case you are repining, do the same. Use the URL of your blog or website which will have the similar posts as that on Pinterest. Also, do not use shortened URLs for this purpose. When people will repin your post, they will get redirected to your blog automatically.
5# A contest for your followers
Interact with your audience as much as possible. An easy way for this is by running a contest on your blog. All you need to do is pin that contest on Pinterest. This will work as a promotional strategy for your blog/ website by driving in more people via Pinterest.
The best part is that people actually spend a lot of their time on such contests and eventually the traffic towards your blog increases.
6# How about adding a “pin it” button?
Not having a visible “pin it” button for your post is like not having “tweet button” on Twitter. Include a “pin it” button below each and every post of yours. This will make it easier for your followers to repin your posts.
7# Add author bio
The key to having tonnes of followers is to have a great interactive relationship with them. The more people know about you, the better. But also let them know about the people behind your amazing posts.
Make a separate pin board featuring all your authors, including brief introduction about them. This will make people feel more connected with you as well as your blog.
In one of our previous posts, we had discussed 4 Tips to Help You Write Comments that Attract Eager New Readers and if you have not read it yet, then I recommend you to go through it once. It’ll help you to attract wider audience to your blog.

Final Words!

It’s not actually tough to use social medias to increase blog readers but the fact is that many of us are not trying to explore them. Just give it a try and you’ll fall in love with the result you are gonna get with pinterest. Happy Blogging :)


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