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Blogger Auto Pagination And Its Solutions

Most blogger that are hosting their blogs on Blogger platform would have heard about Blogger Auto Pagination. This Auto Pagination was introduced by Google in the early 2010 and it was meant to control the size of pages for the purpose of making blogs load faster for all users. Blogger Buzz stated that auto pagination
dynamically adjust how much content to send to the browser depending on (a) the amount of HTML on the page being requested (in kilobytes) and (b) the number of images on the page
What that means to you as a blog owner, is that should your blog trigger Auto Pagination, Blogger will automatically remove some posts from your homepage and other multi-post pages.
How to stop disable or remove Blogger auto pagination

How Do You Know If Your Blog As Being Affected

To know if your blog has been affected by Auto Pagination is quite simple. Blogger Interface allows us to set the number of posts to appear on the homepage. Let say you pick 7, now if your blog are affected by Auto Pagination, it will show a reduced number of posts (less than 7 or even 1 post) on the homepage and this is not a good way to present your blog to your readers.

Causes Of Auto Pagination

Now the causes of Auto Pagination are mostly images -the sizes of images used in blogs now are quite high in size and also the way you apply them to your blog. Some blogger just
  • “Drag and Drop” from their computer to the blog post.
  • Copy and paste images from websites.
  • Inserting  photos hosted as Base64.
  • Inserting lots of images in a post.

Effect Of Auto Pagination To Your Blog

Auto Pagination can serious affect your blogs in almost all areas. These areas are what am going to explain below.
  • It will reduce your pageviews and also your blog bounce rate and you know when there is a reduction in traffic there will also be a reduction in earning.
  • It makes your blog looks unprofessional and pretty poor for viewers to have interest in.
  • It also destroys your blog design flow which is meant to flow with the content, but since the content has disappear, the design of your blog will look pretty poor.

Solution To Auto Pagination

Blogger doesn’t provide an option to disable or remove the Auto Pagination feature. However, you can prevent your blog from triggering Auto Pagination by optimizing your blog and posts. You can try these steps to prevent (or recover from) Auto Pagination:
  1. If there are post that you have inserted a lot of images in, try to remove some.
  2. Reduce the file size of photos using an image optimizer before adding them to posts.
  3. Insert your images into posts the right way with the insert image tool in Blogger post editor.
  4. Also check if your background image is not too heavy or change it.
  5. Edit the published post that triggered Auto Pagination and check if the images are not Base64 encoded.
  6. And finally if you don’t use the Blogger jump break feature and your blog does not have a auto readmore feature, you should start using it.
And when you have tried all these steps above, your blog will recover slowly, do not expect an instant change in the number of blog posts.

I was also affected by Auto Pagination but my blog is back now after implement everything I have mentioned in this post. So if you are facing this problem don’t be scared, all you have to do is to follow the instructions as stated above and you will see your blog posts back.


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