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How to do Directory Submission in SEO?

In my previous post, I shared a trick to check keywords ranking on Google and said to discuss about an amazing tip to build do follow backlinks to improve SERP position. Post Penguin Update, there are many ways you can follow to get quality backlinks for your blog like blog commenting, guest posting, social bookmarking etc. Except these, you can also do Directory Submission to gain quality dofollow backlinks. Using Directory Submission post penguin comes under the safest way to increase link building popularity of blog. Many newbie bloggers find it difficult to understand how to do directory submission for SEO. That’s why today I bring a tutorial to help all those bloggers so that they can learn about directory submission process. But before starting the process, let’s discuss something about web directories and their benefits for SEO.

What are Web Directories?

Before search engines, internet users used to search relevant information on web directories. Directories provide categorized information with best relevancy. But today we have great search engines like Google to search everything in a fast and quick manner.

What is Directory Submission in SEO?

Directory submission is a method to submit blog or website into web directories. It involves steps of adding website URL with site details into most appropriate category.

What is the Use of Directory Submission in SEO?

Directory submission is used to increase website indexing by gaining backlinks from top web directories. Quality backlinks improves our keyword ranking in search engines and help us to increase our blog traffic and page rank.

How to do Directory Submission for SEO?

Doing Directory Submission is not so tough job. Only you have to do is follow below steps one by one.
  1. Go to this Directory Submission Sites List.

  2. Open any site to start doing submission for example Jayde.com.

  3. Choose relevant category for your blog according to your blog niche.

  4. Directory Submission

  5. There are many sub-categories also. So, go in deep as much as possible.

  6. Once you find the most appropriate category for your blog, click on Submit Your Site link at the top right corner.

  7. Submit Your Site

  8. A form will appear to fill. Fill all the details and information about your site like Title, Description, your Email ID etc and submit the form.

  9. You are done!

Final Words

This was the basic process to do directory submission. As same as Social Bookmarking Tips, there are tips for directory submission also. You must care about them to do better SEO for your blog or website. I will discuss those tips into my next tutorial but only when I receive positive response from you and share on social media sites for this post. Stay tuned for part-2 of this tutorial. Happy Blogging.


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