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How To Earn Money Online

 1. Earn Money Easily on Online Money Marketplace services

There are innovative sites allowing people who have money to lend it to those who wish to borrow, instead of using savings accounts, loan applications at traditional banks.
The borrowers can be an online individuals or businesses and you can earn a massive 8% interest on your cash. How much you lend, who you lend to and how much you want in return for doing so is up to you. The interest you earn comes from the rate paid by borrowers and the peer-to-peer websites take their charges.
A lender can choose how much they wish to lend to any one particular borrower, in multiples of £10, with £10 being the minimum they can lend to any one borrower.  These sites use various methods to try to ensure loans are repaid. These include 1. Spreading the risk 2. Credit scoring 3. Bail-out fund
The big three sites are:
The Funding Circle
You can also earn money from these sites by telling them about the benefits of this site and referring them to the site. If your friend lends money up to about £2000, then you stand to earn about £50 on Zopa, for example. Similarly, if your friend borrows money through this site, then again you stand to earn £50 as commission for referring the friend. All you have to do is to register yourself as soon as possible and then start earning the money!

2. Earn money to solve problems of companies online

There are many companies that spend a lot of money to solve their problems. If you have a lot of spare time on your hands, then you can try to solve these problems. These may not be simple problems and you need to have the skills to solve these effectively to earn money. If you have the required skills, then you will be able to make a lot of money through your effort.
The problems faced by the companies can range from electrical to mechanical and also medical. Nanotechnology, virtual reality and designing are some of the problems faced frequently by the newer companies. If you are skilled, then you can earn more than your regular full time job just by solving these problems and earning a part time income from this.
InnoCentive.com is a company that has hundreds of problems that are posted which need people to solve them. These technical solutions are paid for if the solution provided is excellent. As an example, you would be happy to learn that you can be paid an amount of is £20,000 if you have a solution to reduce the sugar used in bakery products, without compromising on the taste of these foods. Another site IdeaConnection.com sends you e mails which have problems that need solving in return for money and the cash can be as high as up to $10,000 or more.

3. Build your online store
There are only two worthwhile stores online and these are Ebay and Amazon. There is a lack of quality stores on the internet other than these two biggies. If you have any real stuff that are good to be sold online, then you should probably think of opening your own store on the internet. It does not cost a lot to start your own shop and you can do so at only $6 per month for the hosting needs. You can also buy a cool .com domain at Godaddy for as little as $7.49 for a year!

4.  Online Marketing
Everybody has something to sell, either a service or a product” and you have to be able to sell it. One of the bestselling products on the Internet is the eBook but ironic to say, these books are given out free. So you may ask, what’s the catch? They keep coming back for more.
There are websites that teach you how to write and sell eBoks online. The only cost of producing these books is your time and it tasks your creativity. Join online communities that teach and discuss new trends and secrets on how to write and market your eBooks and in time, you will notice that you have a steady flow of income from selling them. You could make up to $1,000 or more every month from eBook sales.
Another way to cash in on online marketing opportunities is to do product reviews. There are marketers who are ready to pay you for your opinion on their products and depending on how many times people view your page, you could be paid well in reward. Income from this medium is steady and varies with the rating and page viewing.
5. Blogging
According to the Oxford Dictionary, a weblog is a personal website on which an individual records opinions, links to other sites, etc. on a regular basis. it is a craze among Internet users these days and regularly new blogs are springing up on the cyberspace with users getting more creative with blog contents. Topics discussed on blogs are various from books and arts, science, finance, housekeeping, advertising, music, legal copyright-material downloading and opinion on these topics are being updated every now and then.
Internet Entrepreneurs are quickly turning to blog-writing or blogging to direct traffic to websites where their products and services are advertised. Blogging is a very good way to make money on the Internet while writing about the things you love most and people just can’t help but ask how this is done.
One of the principal means of making money using the blog is through adverts but unlike the regular magazine adverts, bloggers use hi-tech tools and wide understanding of Internet-user behaviour to drive traffic to drive users to web pages with adverts on products and services which they might need and be willing to pay for. Google Adsense is a good tool for making money on your blog page, other tools you might consider that will prove helpful are SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that uses keywords in your article to drive Internet users to your page.
Some companies ask bloggers to write articles or even whole blogs associated with their company and they will be willing to pay for such articles. A blog on beverages or cars is likely to be flooded with articles and adverts on beverage drinks and cars simultaneously. Some other blogs earn cash by linking with affiliate programs. Blog readers may even donate money to blogs if they find them interesting. You must post regularly to sustain the interest of readers to keep the visits steady and faithful and other bloggers can advertise on your page to also direct readers from your page to theirs but they have to pay to post links on your blog page.
A quality blog site costs money to set up but you can equally open a blog for free with some online hosts that don’t charge you for hosting your blog e.g. blogpost.com. Examples of online host that might ask for money to set up a more appealing blog page include hostmonster.com and inmotion.com.
If you don’t have the tenacity to write or sustain the theme (if it must have one) of your blog, there are one of write-ups that you can do – articles on any topic of interest and move on to another. The best part of it is that you get paid for doing this. There are websites that will pay you for articles you write on their web pages. A few of these websites, I might suggest are hubpages.com, eHow.com, mylot.com, they have been known to pay; the greater the traffic to your articles, the greater your chances of attracting marketers’ interest in advertising on your pages.
6. Make money buying and selling domain names
There are many different types of internet entrepreneurs. There are people who will be able to  buy and sell various kinds of products on the internet. There are other people who will be able to design and sell products through the internet.
On the other hand, one of the more lucrative business methods that is catching the imagination of people is the purchase and selling of domain names. There are different domain extensions available.
Just imagine what Google.com will be willing to pay if you have and own a domain name like google.org or even goggle.com? All these are highly valuable because Google will want all the traffic in these misspelt names and also from different extensions to go to their regular site. So, Google will be willing to pay a hefty sum for the domain names.
Similarly, you can also try to get the domain names that are likely to become popular soon. This will help you to make a lot of money which a company will be willing to pay you so that they will be able to get domain names that are suited for them. Other than companies, you can even buy
domain names of new trends in the market, new products that are likely to be a hit and many other related things. If you are able to do some basic research, you will be able to reap rich rewards.
7. Other ways to earn cash online include:
  1. Sell your professional expertise online by starting a membership site where people can pay you to employ your service and gain access to exclusive information. You can collect the membership fee every month. It is easier to dedicate such a website to something you are passionate about.
  2. Data entry Jobs: You can be paid to enter data for some marketers or clients who are overwhelmed with demand for information provided on a database. This doesn’t involve much expertise except your time and precision.
  3. Print-on-Demand Publishing: There are self-publishing companies that publish books based on a print on demand agreement. All you do is to pay the company a one-time to print and promote your book on websites on the web space. The publisher then pays you for online sales periodically. An example of this sort of company is  iUniverse

There are ample opportunities for people to earn some income on the Internet  but sometimes it requires creativity and enterprise.


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