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How To Find Codes In Blogger Template

Since Blogger introduced the new template HTML editor, we get many comments from readers saying that they can't find the codes requested in our tutorials. Almost 99% of the time the code is there in the template, but they are having trouble finding it because Blogger new template HTML editor has made code-finding more difficult or less  straightforward.
Finding a code or tag the old way is virtually impossible since the expanded template codes are now hidden inside folds, and  to make matters worse your browser's search function doesn't search inside the new HTML editor window.
That said you can still search and find them codes. Here's how:
  1. Go to Template > Edit HTML and click anywhere inside the HTML editor. 
    Press Ctrl+F (Cmd+F in Mac), and a search box should appear in the upper right corner of the editor.
  2. Type or paste the code you are looking for in the search box. Say if want to find <data:post.body/>, enter the whole tag or just the main keyworddata:post.body in the box.search for code in blogger template
  3. Then press the Enter key on your PC. All results will be highlighted and the content of the HTML window will jump up to reveal the first match.
  4. Hit the Enter key again to jump to the next result and so on.


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