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New Blogger Setting To Instantly Share Your Posts To Google+

As mentioned in previous posts about Google+ Google are doing all they can to connct Blogger and Google+.In fact in an attempt to promote Google+ and try to rival Facebook they are connecting all their other products with Google+.In August last year Google added the Google+ tab to Blogger and today they have added an update to that tab.The option has always been there to share your posts to Google+ via a pop up once you published the posts.Now however you can choose to save time and have the post automatically shared once you click publish.

To turn on this new blogger option click Google+ from the menu in your blog.If your blog is not already connected to your Google+ profile you will need to connect it first.Then you will see the option to automatically share the post or continue with the current option to share with a prompt as shown below.

As before if you have enabled Google+ comments on your blog Google+ replies will appear on your blog.

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